Farmington, MI 48336

Animation Program Overview

Video Production : Animation Curriculum  

Students will learn the elements of video production, such as Pre-Production (Script Writing, storyboarding), Production (Animating, recording) and Post-Production (video editing, special effects, and sound effects)  through the world of Animation. Our curriculum takes your child into the behind the scenes world of Animation.




What students will learn:

Character building/ development

  • Creating Custom Avatars
  • Adding Character Clothing
  • Changing Character Features
  • More

Realtime 3D Software

  • Interface Basics
  • Building Custom Scenes / Backgrounds
  • Animating Characters on the Timeline
  • More

Lighting in Animation Productions

  • Lighting Setup
  • 3-Point Lighting
  • Lighting Techniques
  • More

Audio in Animation Productions

  • Recording Audio
  • Editing Audio
  • Importing Audio to Avatars
  • More

Furthermore, students will learn from popular programs, such as

Adobe, Reallusion, Celtx, Audacity and more!