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Video Program Overview

Video Production Curriculum

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Our Program is a project-based visual arts program, which will provide students with the technical instruction and practical experiences for aspiring video and filmmakers, in the production of film, video, and other media projects for business and entertainment.

Students will learn the basic principles of story development, screenplay writing, and storyboarding. In addition to instructions in the production stage, including set up and operation of the camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Furthermore, Students will learn  introductory skills in cutting-edge software applications for design and video post-production.

This program has a experiential lesson plan, and mapping that has been developed and designed by professional educators, which is based on the common core standards and extended to include extensive opportunities for artistic expression and active community engagement.

Who Is The Program For?



In this program students will learn the basics of :

The Camera

Within this lesson plan, students will be introduced to the interface of professional digital SLR cameras, and will learn the basic functionalities of the camera

  • Interface
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • White Balance
  • Lens Types
  • Frame Rate
  • Tripods/Storage


students learn various types of microphone types, proper audio levels for television and the importance of audio in film.


Students learn the basics of film lighting, 3-Point lighting and proper lighting setup and lighting techniques.


This lesson covers proper scriptwriting terminology and writing scripts in scriptwriting software “Celtx” , MS word, googledocs, or another scriptwriting software


This lesson plan focuses on teaching students what storyboarding is and how to properly storyboard written scripts.


This lesson focuses on teaching students the introductory skills in editing video on professional software


The Common Core Objectives

Students who participate in the digital Media & Film program will learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school education and training opportunities, from apprenticeships and two-year college programs to four-year college and graduate program

  • Understand and identify the various parts of a digital video camera
  • Demonstrate the ability to set up and properly use a video camera
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to outline and format a script
  • Demonstrate the understanding of how to construct and storyboard a script
  • Demonstrate effective use of various camera angles in video projects
  • Demonstrate an understanding of proper file formats .
  • Learn and use introductory level skills in digital design and video editing software
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to record and edit voice over recordings
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how Identify and utilize the concepts and equipment used for video lighting
  • Demonstrate an understanding and use terms and techniques relating to digital video and audio recording and editing
  • Demonstrate the ability to setup audio equipment correctly for an assortment of programs in video production.